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Weaver Industrial Equipment
The Automotive Recyclers Source for Parts Cleaning, Handling & Storage Systems

Weaver has been in the material handling business for over 30 years and has worked closely with the auto recycling industry. In our relentless effort to continue providing solutions, we have expanded our line of products and services and want to make certain you are aware of what Weaver has to offer the industry today.

Weaver offers a comprehensive facility organization program. Though most recyclers associate our company with the respected Weaver Parts Storage System, considered to be the industry's best, we now offer much more!  In addition to our parts storage systems, we also offer a complete line of parts cleaning, dismantling and fluid evacuation products. Whether you need help with a facility layout and design or want to stay on the cutting edge of environmental concerns, let Weaver help you run an efficient and organized auto recycling facility.


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