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E-Z Load Rear End Racks

The "E-Z" Load Rear End Racks are versatile! They can be loaded from either side or either end (end loading can be done without leaving the forklift). The position of the rear ends allows for easy removal of the different covers for inspection. The rear ends slide easily on steel rails making their handling a breeze.

Rear end pallets can accomodate up to six rear ends, making this a very economical means of storage (larger pallets available upon request). These rugged pallets are shipped knocked down and can be assembled in minutes. Each rack can then be stored on the ground or stacked on another rac for maximum storage. Pallets are available or galvanized.

Weaver will make a "believer" out of you with their new "E-Z Load" Rear End Racks.

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Load racks in the dismantling area and
transport them to the storage area.

You can leave them on the ground or
store them on pallet racking.


















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