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Dismantling Equipment - Transmission and Engine Stacker - IBH

The Big Joe IBH Series has been the industry standard since it was introduced in the 1950s.

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  • High Strength Construction.
    High grade steel mast construction features interlocked channel and I-beam design with roller bearing surfaces. Mast and carriage is of fully-rollered construction for smooth, long-wearing performance. This type of construction accommodates high lifting stresses and maintains load stability.
  • Infinitely Variable Lowering Valve.
    Ball-type lowering valve provides full range operator control and no-drift check in neutral.
  • Electrical System.
    Lift motor is specially selected for peak efficiency at torque and RPM lift pump requirements. All cables and wiring are color coded and/or numbered for easy servicing.
  • Floor Locks
    Dual, adjustable and slip resistant for secure positive grip.
  • Gear Pump.
    Sized to lift requirements to provide peak performance at modest power draw.
  • Full System Filtration.
    Provided on the intake side of the pump. Prevents foreign matter from entering system.
  • Built-in Relief Valve.
    Protects system from overload.
  • Chrome Plated Lift Cylinder.
    Provides smooth lift/lower operation and long life.
  • Shaft-type Forks.
    Allows easy adjustment.
  • Pressure-Compensated Flow Control Valve.
    Located at base of lift cylinder, regulates lowering speed (on telescopic models only).
  • Rigid Steel Chassis.
    Continuous seam-welded distortion free.
  • Wheels.
    4" steel load wheels are standard. Optional wheels: 3" and 6" single; 3" and 4" tandem. 6" steel caster wheels are standard. All wheels available in steel, polyurethane or phenolic. 3" wheel not available in phenolic.


(other options available, consult factory)
  • Adjustable Straddle Option
    Available for the straddle I.D. range of 38" to 50". Adjusts in 4" increments. Will allow the truck to work with a variety of pallet sizes. Ideal if future pallet requirements may change.
  • Full Free Lift
    Allows fork carriage to extend to the top of the first stage before the second stage begins to extend. For lifting in areas limited by overhead clearance. Reduces lift and collapsed height 2" (consult factory).


Lifting Capacity:
1,000 to 2,000 lbs. at 18" load centers.
1,500 to 2,500 lbs. at 24" load centers.
Lift Range: 57" - 144"
Power System: 12 volt with built-in charger.
Turning Radius: From 45 11/16"

1018, 1518, 2018 Series: 12/V, 125 A.H. rubber-clad industrial.
1524, 2024, 2524 Series: 12/V, 155 A.H. rubber-clad industrial.

Charger: 1018, 1518, 2018 Series: 8 amp.
1524, 2024, 2524 Series: 15 amp. Fully automatic.

Forks: See charts

Wheel Diameter:
Load wheels - 4"
Caster wheels - 6"

1018, 1518, 2018 & 1524: 1 9/16" floor to bottom of straddle
2024, 2524: 2 1/16" floor to bottom of straddle

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